Third Space Walk


The interaction between societies and technologies has always shaped our everyday life in urban spaces. At the same time, the boundaries between analogue and virtual worlds are dissolving. What emerges is a hybrid third space between the so-called reality and virtuality. Still, this space is often thought of in dichotomies such as online and offline, which diminishes our understanding of cultural and social changes in today’s cities. Thinking of virtual and physical spaces as intertwined, permits a new perspective to understand, influence, and debate current and future dynamics of digitalization and urban life.

Flânerie has never stopped being en vogue. However, for a long time, it was the white male European flâneur who walked the city. Approaching this tradition from feminist, intersectional, and postcolonial perspectives permits a deconstruction of this figure and opens up possibilities to create alternative stories and otherwise-informed knowledge around it. Grounded in the practice of flânerie, the Third Space Walk functions as a method to broaden access to public urban spaces and overcome the separate imaginations of digital and analogue worlds.

The exhibition presents various artistic and research-based positions that take flânerie as a core element of their exploration of the urban space. Across different media, the works reflect on, create, and shape emerging third spaces. The project lives and continues to grow also in the digital space.

Third Space Walk is part of Mirjana Mitrovic’s PhD project that unfolds between Berlin and Mexico City and was produced in collaboration with Valentina Sarmiento Cruz and Anna-Lena Panter.

Brochure PDF (Exhibition 2022)

Valentina Sarmiento Cruz | curation, editorial and translation
Anna-Lena Panter | curation, editorial and translation
Mirjana Mitrovic | curation, editorial, design

Special thanks to Luisa Vidales for her contributions and support.
All Photos of the Exhibition by Jan-Holger Hennies.
The rights and credits of the included works are with the authors and artists.

Made in Berlin + Mexico City + Third Space