Space Oddity #3 – Lecture Prof. Walter Mignolo

6. Januar 2022
Before 1500, the planetary order was polycentric, pluriversal and non-capitalist. There was no one single civilisation that impinged and intruded over the rest. Consequently, there could not be any claim to the universality of each local universal. After 1500, the planetary order became capitalist and monocentric. That is, one single universal, Western Christianity, managed to inaugurate and institute its local universal and destituting local universals of New World civilisations. “Universalism” became a totalitarian totality of knowledge. Die 3. Ausgabe des Podcasts Space Oddity ist im Rahmen der 3. Internationalen Tagung "Spatial Refiguration: Dynamics, Challenges , and Conflicts" entstanden. Wie immer ist der Podcast bei Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify oder Podigee ebenfalls zu streamen.