Space Oddity #20 – Spaces of Resistance

18. März 2024

In this episode, and in the context of our summer school „Power and Space,“ we talk with four activists about spaces of resistance, and we hear from two researchers about their reactions to what we have been discussing. The activists share their stories, lessons learned, and thoughts on everyday activism. Together with our colleagues, we try to understand how actors create spaces that are used as tools of resistance, and how these spaces are formed through social (collective) action, communication and networking, where relationships of solidarity and cohesion emerge.

– Qusay Amer (SFB 1265)
– Dorothea Biaback-Anong (SFB 1265)
– Elettra Griesi (SFB 1265)

Group discussion:
– Jennifer Kamau (International Women* Space)
– Elmer van der Wel (Deutsche Wohnen &Co)
– Naima Moiasse Maungue and Salina Momade (Black Student Union)

Participant statements:
– Judith Keller (Heidelberg University)
– Magdalena Morena (Universidad Barcelona)

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