Space Oddity #22 – Ukrainian Displacement

3. Juni 2024

In this episode, Jeannine Teichert, Postdoc at the University of Paderborn and visiting researcher at CRC1265, talks to research associate Zoé Perko about the unique home-making processes of displaced Ukrainians amid the 2022 full-scale Russian invasion. They explore the relationship between home-making practices and the concept of „shuttle refuge“, where Ukrainians move back and forth between their home and host countries, navigating physical and digital spaces of (in)security.

Guest: Dr. Jeannine Teichert (Universität Paderborn)
Host: Zoé Perko (SFB 1265)

Portrait: Beate C. Koehler

00:00 Introducing the Research
04:00 The Uniqueness of “Shuttle Refuge”
10:10 What is Home?
12:41 Home-Making in the Context of Ukrainian Forced Displacement
18:33 Digital Media: Benefits, Risks and Interactions with Physical Spaces
29:05 Experiencing Interdisciplinarity at the CRC1265

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