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6. January 2023

“Are you on this side too?”

Sung Un Gang

In the South Korean metropole of Seoul, queer people have been increasingly pushing their way into the public sphere for more than two decades. The Seoul Queer Culture Festival, for example, has made it to the forecourt of the city hall against quite a bit of resistance, and the first neighborhood pride event took place in the Mapo district in 2022. Sung Un Gang, a member of subproject B03, is interested in such space-appropriating changes in the LGBTQ movement. He is not only interested in already well-documented processes, but also in how queer people create new spaces and recode old ones through quite mundane everyday actions.

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18. November 2022

Who are these people who control the internet?

Brenda Strohmaier

Access to the internet has long been considered as essential as water and electricity supply; the UN declared online communication a human right several years ago. But despite its enormous social importance, not much is known about the administrative infrastructure behind it, i.e. who exactly controls the infrastructure of the net and what kind of ideas guide them. The subproject B02 “Control/Space” wants to change that, as project member René Tuma explains.

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6. August 2022

“It is not possible to study space without exchanging ideas” — An Interview with CRC 1265 guest researcher Olena Kononenko on her life and research in Kyjiw and Berlin

Olena Kononenko has been a guest researcher at the CRC 1265 since mid-May 2022. With Lucie Bernroider and Sarah Etz, she spoke about Kyjiw’s past, present and future, similarities and differences between Kyjiw and Berlin, her experiences at the CRC 1265 and her hopes for future returns – to both Kyjiw and Berlin.

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19. March 2020

On experiencing Berlin and Interdisciplinarity. An Interview with Letteria G. Fassari

Nina Meier

From October 2019 till February 2020 Letteria G. Fassari was Visiting Fellow at the Collaborative Research Centre 1265. In this interview conducted at the end of her stay, she gives insights into her time at the CRC and her impressions of the city of Berlin.

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25. October 2019

Über Raum und Zeit. Im Gespräch mit Fraya Frehse

Dr. Fabian Gülzau

Fraya Frehse, die an der Universidade de São Paulo eine Professur für Soziologie (insb. Stadt-, Raum- und Alltagssoziologie) hält, war vom 15.02. bis zum 31.08.2019 Gastwissenschaftlerin am SFB 1265. Wir haben sie am Ende ihres Aufenthaltes interviewt. Im Gespräch berichtet Fraya Frehse unter anderem von ihren Erfahrungen am SFB und ihrem Blick auf die deutsche Stadtsoziologie.

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