Space Oddity #15 – Care, Intimacy and Awareness: Categories of Queer Spaces

6. July 2023
In this episode, CRC 1265 guest Jamie Hakim (King's College London), CRC 1265 associate Anna Steigemann (University Regensburg) and CRC 1265 researcher Sung Un Gang discuss different understandings of 'care', e.g. the Care Collective's 'Care Manifesto', collective interdisciplinary working experiences, a world wide care movement and the term 'promiscuous care'. They also touch upon the topic of awareness teams in queer spaces and talk about the issue of positioning yourself as a researcher in relation to your research and activist positions. Find the Digital Intimacies Zine here! The Podcast is also available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify and Podigee.