Space Oddity #7 – Kampf um Räume (Teil 1)

14. June 2022
In this episode we listen to the 1st part (find part 2 here) of the panel discussion "Kampf um Räume - Was bedeutet der Krieg in der Ukraine?" which took place on 29th of March 2022 with the participation of Martina Löw and Hubert Knoblauch (TU Berlin) as well as Ivgen Donskyiand Katharina Bluhm (FU Berlin). Among other things, the participants discussed whether struggles over space can be understood as a consequence of globalization. The focus, however, is not only on the causes but also on the consequences of war. The panel discussion was held in German. The podcast is also available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify and Podigee.