MGK Summer School – Keynote Lectures

Dr. Nihad El-Kayed & Prof. Dr. Johanna Hoerning
16. September 2023

In case you missed the livestream of September 13, 2023, watch the Keynote Lectures at the CRC 1265 Summer School “Power and Space” with Dr. Nihad El-Kayed and Prof. Dr. Johanna Hoerning at the Aquarium Berlin here!

Dr. Nihad El-Kayed (HU Berlin): “Spatial Power Dynamics in the Context of Refugee Reception”
Prof. Dr. Johanna Hoerning (TU Berlin): “Struggling for Land: Places and Spaces of Power, Dominance, and Contestation”

Both guests have worked extensively on the topic of power and space in their academic careers from different perspectives such as urbanization processes, social movements, refugee reception, non-governmental organizations, and postcolonialism.