Dr. Jannik Schritt (Former Members)

C03 : Doing Mini-publics

Research Associate

Technische Universität Berlin
BH-5-1 | Room 232
Ernst-Reuter-Platz 1
10587 Berlin




  • Since 03/2019

    Research associate in project C03:"Doing mini-publics" at SFB 1265 TU Berlin

  • 2018

    Visiting Fellow at the Institute for African Affairs (IAA), GIGA Hamburg

  • 2011 – 2017

    Junior Researcher in a German Research Foundation (DFG) funded project on “Oil and Social Change in Niger and Chad”, University of Göttingen

  • 2004 – 2010

    Studies in social and cultural anthropology, economics and law at the universities of Göttingen (Germany), Caen (France) and Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania)

Research Focus

    • Ethnography (13 months of fieldwork in Niger)

    • Science and Technology Studies

    • Politics, Power, Domination

    • Oil, capitalism and natural resources


Title: Titel: Petro-Democracy: Oil, Power and Politics in Niger


  • Monographies

    • 2018: Petro-Democracy: Oil, Power and Politics in Niger. eDiss: Universität Göttingen,

  • Peer-reviewed Articles

    • IM ERSCHEINEN (mit Jan-Peter Voß und Volkan Sayman) Politics at distance: Infrastructuring translocal knowledge flows for innovating democracy. In: Social Studies of Science.

    • IM ERSCHEINEN Janus-faced presidents: extroverted and introverted politics in oil-age Niger. In: Review of African Political Economy.

    • 2020 Crude talking: radios and the politics of naming, blaming and claiming in oil-age Niger. In: Journal of Contemporary African Studies: online first.

    • 2020: Janus-faced activists: the social and political embeddedness of civil society in Niger. In: Africa 90 (2): 357-376.

    • 2019: An ethnography of public events: Reformulating the extended case method in contemporary social theory. In: Ethnography 0 (0): 1-21.

    • 2019: Urban protest in Niger: towards a notion of ‘contentious assemblages’. In: Sociologus 69 (1): 19-35

    • 2019: Die erweiterte Fallmethode in der Protestforschung. In: Forschungsjournal soziale Bewegungen 32 (1): 58-68.

    • 2019: Dis/ordering politics: urban riots and the socio-political configuration of contemporary Niger. In: Journal of Modern African Studies 57 (4): 613–634

    • 2018: (with Nikolaus Schareika) Crude Moves: oil, power and politics in Niger. In: Africa Spectrum.

    • 2018: (with Annika Witte) Standardized Capitalism? Negotiating the Oil Industry’s Dis/entanglement in Niger and Uganda. In: Economy and Society.

    • 2018: Well-Oiled Protest: Adding fuel to political conflicts in Niger. In: African Studies Review. Online first.

    • 2018: Crude Controversies: Disputes along Niger’s petro-infrastructure. In: History and Anthropology. Online first.

    • 2018: Contesting the oil zone: Local content issues in Niger’s oil industry. In: Energy Research and the Social Sciences, 41, 289-269.

    • 2018: The petro-political configuration: Entanglements of Western and Chinese oil zones in Niger. In: Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsgeographie 60 (1-2), 40–56.

    • 2016: From Nuclear Imperialism to Petro Democracy? Resource assemblages and the emergence of a new political configuration in Niger. In: Canadian Journal of African Studies, 1-25.

  • Contributions in collections

    • 2021 (mit Jan-Peter Voß und Volkan Sayman) Infrastrukturierung von Wissensräumen: „Mini-Publics“ als translokales Politikinstrument. In: Martina Löw, Volkan Sayman, Jona Schwerer, Hannah Wolf (eds.): Am Ende derGlobalisierung. Über die Re-Figuration von Räumen. Transcript, Bielefeld, 109-128.

    • 2019 Contentious Assemblages: Gefüge, Affekt und politische Situationen als analytische Werkzeuge zum Verständnis urbaner Aufstände. In: Ingmar Hagemann, Johanna Leinius, and Judith Vey (eds.): Handbuch poststrukturalistische Perspektiven auf soziale Bewegungen. 138–151.

    • 2018: (with Andrea Behrends) ‘Western’ and ‘Chinese’ oil zones: Petro-Infrastructures and the emergence of new trans-territorial spaces of order in Niger and Chad. In: Spatial Practices: Territory, Border and Infrastructure in Africa, edited by Marc Böckler, Ulf Engel, and Detlef Müller-Mahn, Brill Academic Publishers: Leiden and Bosten MA. 211-230.

    • 2013: Transnational Governmentality of Energy Security after 9/11. Coup d’état, Terrorism, Militarization, and Oil in Niger. In: Colaguori, Claudio (ed.): Security, Life and Death: Governmentality and Biopower in the Post-9/11 Era. Toronto: De Sitter Publications. 193-244.

  • Other Articles

    • 2016: Crude Talking: The politics of naming, blaming and claiming in oil-age Niger. In: The Ordering Power of Narratives, edited by Eva Riedke. Working Papers of the DFG Priority Programme 1448. Halle & Leipzig.

    • 2016: Crude Politics: Oil talk, new media and political scripts in the production of disorder in Zinder (Niger). Working Papers of the Priority Programme 1448 of the German Research Foundation No 17. Leipzig and Halle.

    • 2015: Doing fieldwork on oil in Niger. In: Engel, Ulf; Gebauer, Claudia; Hüncke, Anna (eds.): Notes from Within and Without – Research Permits between Requirements and “Realities”. Working Papers of the Priority Programme 1448 of the German Research Foundation No 16. Leipzig and Halle. 27-30.

    • 2015: The “Protests against Charlie Hebdo” in Niger: A Background Analysis. In: Africa Spectrum, 50(1), 49-64.

    • 2014: Erdöl und Macht in Niger. In: WeltTrends (97), 46-52.

  • Blog Posts