Poferl, A. (2019). Die Verortung des Subjekts — Working Paper No. 3


Poferl, A.

Publication Title

Die Verortung des Subjekts — Working Paper No. 3

Year of publication


The Location of the Subject. Challenges of the Globalisation Studies and Reflections on a Post-Societal Theory of Society

In the context of an overview over the main features of the social- and cultural-scientific discourse on globalisation the question of the interplay between globality and locality and their respective implications on spatial theory will be posed. Regarding the development of a re-figuration perspective and following on from the theory of reflexive modernization, the reflections will conclude in the question of the location of the subject in a post-societal theory of society. They result in the thesis of a multiple socialization in the context of specific world relations and relevance horizons, which starts with the inclusion of the previously excluded, in other words: in the thesis of a cosmopolitan politics of the social.