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Education: The Spatial Knowledge of Children and young Adults (and its Application) in Planning Contexts

The research project explores changes in the (subjective) spatial knowledge of children and adolescents since the 1970s, and looks at the constitution of space from the point of view of its significance to (non-formal) educational processes. Moreover, the project analyses how professional actors today gather, process and possibly implement children’s and young adults’ spatial knowledge in participatory planning processes. Methodologically, the project combines a qualitative meta-analysis of existing (German, English and Spanish) literature with various empirical case studies of both planning and design of non-formal educational spaces in Latin America and Europe.

In our case studies we cooperate with the following planning and architecture offices and initiatives:

Lunárquicos, Fabiola Uribe, Bogotá

CCC – Coordinadora de la Ciudad en Construcción, Javier Vera Cubas, Lima

Urban Catalyst, Berlin

The field research in Latin America is also supported by Jorge Raedó, Osa Menor.