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Workshop Re-Figuration of Cyberspace

18. April 13:00 – 19. April 16:00 Uhr

This workshop, organized by the project B02 „Control/Space“ at the Collaborative Research Center 1265 at TU Berlin, explores different spatial changes and dynamics of the Internet infrastructure using the notion of refiguration, which presents a concept of tensions between four key spatial figures and spatial logics: the place, the territory, the network, and the route. These tensions allow for the explanation of key conflicts in contemporary modernity.

The thesis of a refiguration of Cyberspace ties in with recent debates about the (re)territorialization, fragmentation, pluralization and/or splintering of the internet. As an increasingly conflicted infrastructure influenced by different actors and organizations in the field, the materiality and spatiality of the „network of networks“ is continuously shaped by strategic actions, spatial imaginaries, representations, and corresponding material figurations that assert forms of spatial control over parts of the internet infrastructure: whether by standard-setting organizations, governments, internet service and content providers, internet exchange points, or hardware availability. Refiguration of Cyberspace seeks to challenge monocausal and one-sided explanations and diagnoses of changes of „the“ internet by focusing on the simultaneity and superimposition of different, often conflicting spatial logics and dynamics regarding digital infrastructures and their contemporary meanings.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge.


TU Berlin | BH-N 230, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 1
Berlin, 10587 Deutschland


SFB 1265

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Workshop Re-Figuration of Cyberspace

SFB 1265
18. April 13:00 – 19. April 16:00 Uhr


Thursday, 18 April 2024

Welcome and Introduction
Hubert Knoblauch (Berlin) & Silke Steets (Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Panel I: Digital Sovereignty

Georg Glasze (Erlangen-Nürnberg)
The Rise of the “Digital Sovereignty” Discourse and the Question of a Geopolitication of the Internet

Ewa Dabrowska (Berlin)
Between “Splinternet” and the “Open Internet”. Sovereign Internet and Digital Economy Regulation in India and South Africa

Coffee Break

Panel II: Between Territorial Spaces and Network Spaces

Farzaneh Badiei (Atlanta/Berlin)
Sanctions and Their Impact on Internet Development and Human Rights

Andreas Baur (Tübingen)
Reaching European Stars with American Clouds: Rooting European Digital Sovereignty in Gaia-X

Coffee Break

Panel III: Regions and Markets

Sezgin Sönmez (Berlin)
Regionalization of Cyberspace: The RIRs and their impact on Internet Governance

Stefan Kirchner & Simon Pohl (Berlin)
Selling out the City

19:30 Dinner

Friday, 19 April 2024

Panel IV: Geographies of Cyberspace

Boris Michel (Halle)
Mapping Geographies of Cyberspace –Geography’s Mapping of Cyberspace

Finn Dammann (Erlangen-Nürnberg)
Political Geographies of Digital Infrastructures. Implications of Geopolitical Tensions and Conflicts on Internet Traffic

Coffee Break

Panel V: Network Topologies

René Tuma (Berlin/Vienna)
Network Figures: Reconfigurations of the Internet as a Refiguration of Spaces

Till Straube (Frankfurt)
Stack Trace: Topologies of Digital Infrastructures

Lunch Break

Panel VI: Global Networks

Daniel Voelsen (Berlin)
Internet from Space. The Impact of LEO Satellite Constellations on the Techno-political Configuration of the Internet

Maxigas (critical infrastructure lab)
Media ecologies, infrastructures and environments: Infrastructure walk as a methodological approach

Closing Remarks