Coordinators and managing director oversee the scientific coordination and administration of the CRC 1265. Decisions of major importance will be taken jointly by the executive board and the assembly of principal investigators of the projects involved.

Ombudspersons of the CRC 1265 are Prof. Dr. Kerstin Wittmann-Englert and Prof. Dr. Gabriele Dolff-Bonekämper.

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The head office is responsible for the scientific coordination and administration of the research centre CRC 1265. This includes the planning and organizing of conferences and workshops, financial responsibilities and personnel issues, as well as the organization of the integrated Research Training Group and all equality policies. The head office and its managing director represent the communications interface between the projects, university institutions, external cooperation partners, the German Research Foundation DFG, as well as further actors.


The executive board of the CRC 1265 consists of the head coordinators, five principal investigators from the project areas A, B and C, the managing director plus one representative of the group of doctoral candidates. In addition, one member of the Integrated Research Training Group will participate in the board meetings in an advisory function.

Deputies of academic mid-level faculty:

Sophie Krone
Daniela Stoltenberg

Deputy of doctoral candidates MGK:

Qusay Amer
Elettra Griesi