In addition to theory integration, the coordination of space-related research methodologies applied in different academic disciplines is a priority at the CRC. In order to synchronise and bring together different methodologies of investigating space within and across disciplines, the CRC has established a unique method-lab.

The lab’s aim is to support the proposal of an integrated interdisciplinary methodology of studying space at the CRC in three different respects:

  • coordinating interdisciplinary knowledge transfer across individual research projects
    ensuring ongoing support and supervision of CRC researchers’ methodological approaches in close cooperation with
  • the research training groups
  • monitoring by an ethnographer of science with the aim to work out characteristic features, differences and similarities between approaches within and across disciplines and topics.


The lab is headed by Dr. Séverine Marguin, who organises courses in methodology for doctoral candidates and offers individual counselling and internal workshops. She is in charge of the digital and analogous collective research infrastructure at the CRC (library, e-library, central data storage, data visualisation) to facilitate knowledge transfer across projects and between CRC members. She is also responsible for the organisation of conferences and workshops on emerging methodological issues to bring in external expertise.

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In the first year, the methodology lab focuses on visual forms of presentation in general and mappings in particular as instruments of integrating heterogeneous data.

Past Events:

Winter term 2018-2019:

  • Research workshop «Raumkonstruktion und Visualisierung/ The construction of spaces and visualisation methods» for CRC researchers and members in collaboration with Prof. Angela Million.
  • Conference on «Mapping as Joint Spatial Display», November 29-30, 2018 at Haus der Kulturen der Welt and on the premises of TU Berlin/ CRC.


Contact: Dr. Séverine Marguin
Student Assistant: Ines Gartlinger